Reckless Driving And Speeding

Many auto accidents occur within a few miles of a driver’s home or workplace. Unfortunately, shorter drives are often the most carelessly traveled. Drivers tend to use more caution when driving an unfamiliar route or longer distances, but the dangers are high regardless of the destination or length of the drive. Safety should always be a high priority when driving a motor vehicle. Reckless driving and speeding are unfortunate yet common car accident causes. More on this website

These accidents are especially tragic when a fatality occurs because of a reckless driver. In these cases, a loss of life could lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. These accidents are becoming more common as the state grows and more drivers are on the road.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to a reckless driver, you understand the damage a single moment of poor judgment can have on a person’s life.

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Accidents Related To Reckless Driving And Speeding

Many reckless driving accidents can be attributed to one person and his or her negligent actions. Drunk drivers are the most obvious example, but there are many others. After police investigate the accident and talk to the witnesses, it may be possible to determine the exact type of reckless driving that caused it. Any of the actions below that lead to a motor vehicle accident are considered reckless:

Weaving in and out of traffic
Failure to yield or use traffic signals
Texting while driving
Ignoring traffic signals or other rules of the road
Driving with no lights during hours of darkness
Any irresponsible behavior behind the wheel

Innocent parties involved in an accident may sustain serious injuries. The following are common types of injuries that may be suffered as a result of a car accident caused by reckless driving:

Head injuries
Spinal damage
Neck injuries
Broken bones
Internal bleeding of the brain or vital organs
Loss of limbs
Brain damage
Emotional duress and damage

If a driver causes one or more of the above injuries, he or she could be held responsible in a personal injury lawsuit. Personal, physical, emotional, and financial problems can all be consequences of reckless driving or car accident, such as those caused by defective car parts. In cases that result in a fatality, the deceased’s family may consider a wrongful death lawsuit to cover expenses and pain and suffering.

If you are unsure about what caused your accident or if you are confused about what to do next, there may be help for your situation. You may be surprised by what an attorney can do for you and your family. While there are no guarantees in any individual case, you lose nothing by calling for a case evaluation.