Personal Injury Law – Trucking Accidents

Trucking accidents between passenger vehicles and tractor-trailers, semis, or other large or over-sized commercial vehicles, due to their size and weight, cause some of the most catastrophic serious personal injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, paraplegia and quadriplegia, limb loss and blindness, and all too often, wrongful death are among these all too often catastrophic truck accident results. At our trucking accident law firm, we know from past client experiences that truck accidents, given the many contributing factors, are among the most complicated personal injury accidents to investigate and prosecute on behalf of the injured party. This is because it is not just you against the truck driver it is also you against the trucking company, the truck leasing company, the manufacturer of the truck, and even the shipper or truck cargo loader. Suppose you or somebody you care about has suffered a serious physical injury or wrongful death in a truck accident. In that case, you need a trucking accident legal advocate that has trucking accident experience and resources while not being afraid to take on all potentially liable parties. There are numerous insurance companies and lawyers. For over 20 years, our truck accident lawyers have helped injured trucking accident victims and their families throughout Texas. As truck accident lawyers, we know what to look for in a truck accident. Moreover, we have a track record of success in getting our clients the compensation they need and deserve. More on this website

Which party is liable for the truck accident?

The trucking industry is heavily regulated and subject to state, federal, and local laws. Truck drivers and operators, trucking companies, and others involved in the commercial trucking industry are also subject to certain standards. Suppose any of the laws, standards, rules, and regulations are ignored or improperly implemented. In that case, one or more of these trucking entities may be liable for your accident involving a truck:

The driver – did the truck driver operate the truck recklessly? Was he (or she) drugged or intoxicated, or was there a violation of the federal hours of service rules?
The trucking company – did the trucking company fail to follow regulations or have unreasonable deadlines? Were their trucks improperly maintained?
The freight company – did they improperly secure the cargo load or overload the truck?
The truck manufacturer or components manufacturer – is there an inherent flaw in the manufacture or design of the truck or any of its parts? Are the brakes, tires, lighting, computer, or other systems faulty?

Like all personal injury cases, determining liability in truck accident cases is a factor in getting you the best possible compensation for your serious physical and financial injuries or those injuries relating to the wrongful death of a loved one. Whether you were walking as a pedestrian, in a motorcycle accident with a truck, or driving a minivan, we will drive a hard bargain with the insurance companies either at the negotiating table or in the courtroom. To that end, we often employ highly qualified networks of medical specialists, life-planning experts, and accident reconstruction experts to help us support and win your truck accident case.