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As the fourth-longest highway in the United States, I-10 runs the width of this country through the south and southwest, connecting the East and West Coasts. Thus, the highway has become a vital lifeline in the trucking industry, and 18-wheelers drive down I-10 all-day, every day bringing a variety of goods from city to city and from one end of the country to another.

When this heavy commercial trucking traffic hits a big city like Houston, the rates of collisions with other vehicles shoot up dramatically, for there are several problems with numerous 18-wheelers on I-10. If you do a Google search for Houston 1-10 truck accidents, then you will likely find numerous newspaper articles, photos, and blogs detailing several gruesome accidents that have happened within the past week. Our Law Office wants you to understand why I-10 can be such a hazardous stretch of road for trucks, so you can avoid getting into collisions with 18-wheelers or understand that you’re not alone if you’ve already suffered through such an accident.truck accident attorneys Houston

Houston is Always on the Grow

Beyond the high rate of big-rig traffic on I-10, the predominant reason that 18-wheeler accidents are so prevalent on this highway is the congested population in the Houston Metroplex. With an estimated population just over of 2.3 million, Houston trails only New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago among American cities. Those numbers are only for the city of Houston itself, as the greater metropolitan area including suburbs boasted 5.6 million people. Moreover, Houston is constantly growing, and Woods and Poole Economics predict the greater Houston area will add over 2.6 million more people by 2030 – the fifth-largest expected growth for any major metropolitan area in the country. More information about 18 wheeler accidents here @ https://caraccidentattorneysa.com/truck-accident-lawyers-san-antonio/

More People Means More Traffic

With 3.2 percent employment growth, Houston is well above the national average of 1.2 percent. Thus, Houston has many commuters. Houston trails only New York City in terms of playing host to headquarters of Fortune 500 companies. With a sprawling cityscape and woefully insufficient public transportation, most of these workers head to the office in their own cars. Texas A&M’s Texas Transportation Institute ranked Houston as the fourth-worst city in the United States in terms of traffic, and INRIX’s national survey on traffic named Houston’s congestion among the fastest growing in the United States.

With more traffic, come greater challenges for 18-wheelers and their drivers. Operating an 18-wheeler isn’t easy when the driver is on an open road in the middle of nowhere, but when traffic is snarling to a standstill and then speeding up again, it’s obviously much more challenging. Most 18-wheelers have 10 forward gears and two reverse gears, so speeding up and slowing down can be very difficult. Moreover, an 18-wheeler can take much longer to stop than a standard passenger car. When traffic is severe, like traffic on I-10 frequently is, more 18-wheeler accidents are going to occur due to statistical probability. Too much traffic plus large cumbersome 18-wheelers equals more accidents. Visit this website

Massive Katy Freeway

Nowhere in Houston is the congestion problem more evident than on the portion of I-10 that runs from downtown westward to the large, affluent suburb of Katy. Known as the Katy Freeway, this stretch of I-10 is believed to be the widest freeway in the world, with 26 lanes including the frontage road (12 main lanes, 6 HOV lanes, and 8 access lanes). With so many lanes, the Katy Freeway still slows to a bumper-to-bumper crawl during typical rush hour. However, with so many lanes, traffic can speed up and slow down constantly, demanding vigilance from all the drivers on the highway. All of those drivers on the road, coupled with constant changes in speed, create hazardous conditions to be driving an 18-wheeler. As a result, many truck drivers who aren’t delivering their goods in Houston are advised to take I-290 and skirt the city rather than attempting to navigate I-10. Still, others ignore this warning or have cargo to deliver in the Houston area, so they’re forced to remain on I-10 and brave the congested conditions.

Nature of the Trucks

As you likely know if you live and work in Houston, the economic foundation of this area finds its roots in the oil and gas industries. While you’d be hard-pressed to find an oil well in the city limits, much of America’s oil is extracted from the nearby Gulf of Mexico before it is transported into the Houston area or nearby Beaumont (east of Houston on I-10) for refining. Many of the channels that cut inland from the Gulf run parallel to I-10, making it the highway of choice for transporting oil and any other cargo that is unloaded from ships. From the refineries, the oil or gas is then shipped out of the area, and if it’s heading east or west, it’s transported by tanker truck down I-10. Moreover, anything refined in Beaumont and headed west will also likely pass through Houston on I-10.

When a tanker truck gets into an accident, the value of its cargo isn’t nearly as evident as the volatility of the cargo. A tanker truck can turn into a rolling bomb when it is involved in an accident carrying flammable liquid. All too often, when an 18-wheeler gets into a wreck on I-10, the fire department finds a burned-out truck and, in many cases, several other vehicles that have been completely destroyed by fire.

Baytown East Freeway Problems

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The portion of I-10 that runs east from downtown to Baytown is known as the Baytown East Freeway or simply the East Freeway. Since this highway connects Houston to the oil refining hotbed of Beaumont, it boasts a high volume of tanker truck traffic and thus, subsequently a high rate of dangerous accidents involving tanker trucks and their unpredictable cargo.

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