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Who gets hurt in motorcycle accidents? Unfortunately, the simple laws of physics dictate that passenger vehicles and their drivers are far less likely to sustain damage or injury when they collide with a motorcycle than the motorcyclist himself. That said, motorcycle operators or passengers between the ages of 16 and 24 are much more likely to be involved in a motorcycle accident, with the majority of injuries and fatalities occurring to male drivers.

What causes motorcycle accidents? Anything from driver error to adverse weather conditions to poor roads can cause a motorcycle accident. However, up to ¾ of all motorcycle accidents are due to a collision between a bike and a passenger vehicle. While motorcycle driver error is a factor in many motorcycle accidents, in some cases the driver of the passenger vehicle is negligent or careless, leading to injury or even death.motorcycle accident attorneys

What are the consequences of motorcycle accidents? Property damage is the least of a motorcycle operator’s concern in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle accident victims are up to 16 times more likely to be killed in a crash than someone involved in a passenger vehicle crash and sustain injury up to 3 times more often. Common motorcycle injuries include lacerations, concussions, broken bones, and soft tissue trauma; more serious consequences can include disfigurement, brain injury, paralysis, and even death.

What about helmets? Though all states do not mandate motorcycle helmet use at this time, using a motorcycle helmet is commonly accepted to be the number one thing a motorcycle operator can do to reduce his or her chance of injury and fatality. Statistics show that the use of helmets reduces fatality risk by up to 30 percent; around 60 percent of motorcycle fatalities occur in part because of improper helmet use or failure to use a helmet at all.

I’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident. What are my legal options?

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, you have a limited amount of time to file for compensation for your injuries. A thorough investigation of the conditions and causes of the accident must be made in order to determine fault and potential negligence. Due to time restrictions and the many complexities of such an investigation, it is essential that anyone looking to file a motorcycle accident claim do so with an experienced and aggressive attorney. Your Texas motorcycle injury lawyer can devise an effective legal strategy, negotiate with other parties, and fight for justice and the compensation you deserve. Think you have a case? Contact our Law Firm today. We have years of experience fighting and winning on behalf of our motorcycle personal injury clients. Interested in a free consultation? Call today – it’s completely confidential.

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