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Let Us Deal With The Insurance Companies For You

Houston Automobile Injury Attorneys

Insurance is an important factor in motor vehicle accidents. It is a good idea to read and understand your insurance policy’s limitations and procedures. Become familiar with the “Coverage” and “Limitations” sections in particular. In the event of an accident this knowledge will help you in speaking with YOUR insurance agent. It is best not to speak with the insurance company of the other party involved in the accident. This should be done by experienced Houston automobile accident injury attorneys on your behalf. The lawyers at Carabin & Shaw are experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can insure that you are treated fairly with your claim.

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Beware Insurance Tricks

If the person responsible for the accident has insurance, then his or her insurance company should compensate the victim for his or her damages. However, most insurance companies don’t to play fair when offering a settlement. You should not deal with the insurance company by yourself. Your best course of action is to contact experienced Houston automobile accident injury attorneys. Experienced injury lawyers understand the insurance company tricks and can protect your legal rights. The automobile accident lawyers at Carabin & Shaw will not charge you a fee unless we win your case.

If the other driver has insufficient insurance or is not insured at all, the victim may be entitled to compensation from his or her own insurance company under the uninsured or underinsured motorist provision. Houston automobile accident injury attorneys can help you find other sources of monetary recovery for your damages that you might not even think of. If you have been injured in a Houston automobile accident, protect your rights and contact the law offices of Carabin and Shaw today. We will review your insurance policies and other sources of monetary recovery and to inform you of your legal rights under your policies.


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